High-quality pool equipment producer

BLUE Professional Poolware is a refreshing producer offering high-quality pool equipment for distributors and swimming pool builders. Together, BLUE Professional Poolware combines decades of experience and expertise within the swimming pool industry.

BLUE Professional Poolware stands for producing absolute quality products accessible for distributors and swimming pool builders. The best price/quality ratio in class to stay at the top of the industry together.

We value our customers

At BLUE Professional Poolware we value all our customers. Building stable and long term relationships together and creating synergistic benefits in order to serve your customers best.

Are you a swimming pool builder or distributor having interest in (one of our) products? Please feel free to contact us for creating an unique dealer account and enjoying many benefits such as discounts, fast delivery and specialized support.

BLUE Professional Poolware

Specialist. Quality. Expertise.

Experienced producer and distributor

Due to lots of experience in every chain of the value chain (from production to installing), BLUE Professional Poolware is proud to say that we research and develop many products ourselves. BLUE Professional Poolware is therefore a true product specialist.

BLUE Professional Poolware is constantly but gradually improving and extending its assortment with the ultimate goal to make things as easy and convenient as possible for our customers. Discover our current assortment.